2014 Online Tips, Tricks and Hacks

I’ve strayed from my old tips list. I have lots of tips to share! Stay tuned, bookmark this area and take a peak from my other tips lists from previous years. Keep in mind some of these tips are outdated now…..some are still great tips and suggestions! Tip List 1  and Tip List 2.

September 2014

Do you need a WordPress person or a programer type to give you exactly what you want? Recently I was recommended to another business because they wanted someone who understood WordPress very well. They wanted a WordPress site. WordPress is super easy to update and most small businesses can figure out how to change up their own sidebars and make blog posts. The problem is that more web designers see themselves as being able to make something from scratch “so much easier” and things “load faster” and basically they want you to doubt the power of WordPress and stick with them.


Because now they’ve got you on the hook for updates and maintenance – forever. Want to make a post or change a price – announce a Fall special or change out that Valentine’s offer? It’s all going to cost you with every move they make. AND – they really don’t have time for these updates as they are going after the big fish – i.e. people that want to spend $5,000 for a website. So your small updates that are expensive to you turn out over time to be a big pain in the butt for a web person building sites out of straight html. Hire the person that sees your vision and can get the work done in a reasonable time within budget.

June 2014

Unscrupulous Fake Marketing Companies focused on One Goal – Getting your Visa Card number.  Ever see someone after they make a great goal in soccer or football? Lots of high 5’s and atta boys all over the place! Picture that scene the next time you are reading off your credit card number to one of the many so-called Marketing firms that will “get you on page one” “send you amazing leads” “line your pockets with gold” “kill all those bad reviews from yelp” and “insert another lie here…….” – this is so common. One of my customers I made a website for 2 years ago just decided to go with Yodle so that he could have mobile advertising. The site I made him was responsive…so he already had a mobile site. They talked him into their $300 a month service. 

He gave them the credit card.  Cue the high 5’s and celebratory vegas dings going on in the background – “we got another one boss!” You think all is good because within the first hour you got a “lead”.

What this company did was copy all the writing from the site I made him – all 15 pages. Place it on another site with a different url name. This name must have been used with a competitor in town that recently decided to unhook from Yodle. They put in a different phone number. So now Google sees he has 2 sites with the same information on it – exactly. One is being funneled traffic.  The other one will eventually be de-indexed.

You will be left with nothing. No site of your own. Google plus doesn’t know if it’s really you because there are 2 phone numbers out there, etc. etc. Are these really marketing experts or very good scam artists masquerading as a marketing firm?

Online Tips and Hacks for 2014 by Jan RossiDo your homework and understand what they are really doing before you agree to let anyone mess up your online presence. Feel like starting over again in 6 months? As someone who understands these shenanigans it takes time out of my day to explain and explain these things to business owners. At a certain point, I can’t bail you out because my time is worth money and all the time I took to explain how you got taken – well, you get the picture. Listen to the people you trust and hire. Watch out for the guy hiding behind a phone. He’s not the wizard you think he is and he not going to make you a pile of green. (maybe for himself, yes – “honey! I just scored another one! let’s order that pool!!”)

May 8, 2014

2014 internet marketing tips Jan RossiThere are so many groups on LinkedIn that offer great idea sharing and tips. If you have a bit of time to find a good group, the people share great information. Learn about a new WordPress technique that will increase your traffic. Know that what you are doing is “spot on” because everyone who knows anything has got it goin’ on just like you. There is much to learn and only so many hours in a day. Get some help with your industry peers on LinkedIn.


Seriously – if you are involved in anything on the internet  you know that images sell! Here is a super tool ready for you to create your new Twitter header, Facebook cover, or presentation images or Pinterest creations. This.

Canva is FREE – some of the images in the Canva site are $1. Very easy. Your new favorite tool! Trust me – I’m on it everyday. I am not an affiliate or being paid to talk about Canva.com It’s just a super good new tool. Goodbye fotoflexer! 🙂

April 20, 2014

Facebook eMarketingYou know the Facebook Offers area where you can place ads and offer a BOGO deal? Or a delayed “Buy $50 worth of marshmallows for just $12?”  USE THIS. It works. Even if you are in the camp of leaving Facebook, stay on for your business account and run this once in a while and pick up a few thousand dollars in profit. Just saying, use all the social media tools you can.

Plug-in issues: I used to use the plug-in Better WordPress Security. When I was on this site last time I noticed a warning that they were changing their name to iThemes or something. Note to self: Next time you get a warning about a plug-in changing please disable it! When logging on today the Security plug-in locked me out because things were not working correctly with the new name change and all. Again, disable plug-ins that are going through change. Had to go into cpanel and lock it out. This plug-in was nothing but a problem all the time. So goodbye i”whatever” plug-in moved on to a new security plug-in.

Attention Facebook people. Now facebook let’s you legally stalk your friends. Their thoughts are that you can find out who is near you so you can go find them and have a real conversation. Really Facebook? You want us to actually talk to each other? In person? Naw, this is a delayed April Fool’s joke, eh?  hehe- heh – got me there! How you gonna monatize me squeezing avocadoes and seeing my friend Sally walk up and engage in a conversation about how her poodle went to to vet 8 times and threw up on her rug? Gee, thanks for sending her to me. NOT. Turn this puppy off folks. Go to Settings —-> Close Friends Activity —–> Edit  —>  OFF!  OFF! 

2014 Online Tips, Tricks and Hacks

I have enough problems picking avocados I don’t need interruptions from Facebook friends tracking me down. What if I took a “sick” day…..and yet my Facebook feed shows me at the Rockies Game? Not so good now, eh?

March 2014 – 2014 Online Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Ok – onward to 2014! Lots of changes happening everywhere……. here’s a start:

2014 OnlineTips Tricks and Hacks by Jan RossiTWITTER: Just announced a new design. Looks a tad like Pinterest. The large image at the header is maxed out at 1500 x 1500. The profile image is 400 x 400. What is happening lately? Everyone is needing larger and larger images. Large format images ensures your picture does not look distorted on large screens and looks sharp on smaller platforms.

Be prepared! Use picmonkey.com if you don’t want to use photoshop or elements. Works pretty well!

FACEBOOK:  I’ve pulled a lot of my activity off of Facebook. It seems like it is the area of diminishing returns….unless you do the Pay Per Click way to encourage likes and attention. It seems that the self proclaimed Facebook Wizards and Gurus are constently telling us there are ways to increase engagement but when you read their AMAZING tips…it’s like – write great content, have super cool images – blah blah same ol’ same ol’. I feel they are protecting their livelihood at this point. Many people have shuffled over to the land of Pinterest and upped their activity on Twitter. With only 10% of your feed being shown, why stick around? (Yes, you still have to be here…but you are most likely talking to the same 12 people over and over)

VIDEO: is HOT! HOT! HOT!  I have recommended videos for one of my clients this spring and she is going ahead with making 4 videos that we can use for promoting her business. This is very exciting! Remember that with video it stays on the internet for a long time – so do it right. I will post here and let you know how it goes.

2014 Online Tips, Tricks and HacksMEETUP GROUPS: Have to plug the meetup.com groups. I have learned many valuable skills attending meetups. There are so many in your community that are free and doing an excellent job. I took over a group here in our town when the original founder left and while I am certainly not perfect at presenting….I manage to get lots of information out to people in each session. Attend a meetup and I promise you will learn something that will inspire you in your business and it will help you be successful.

SMALLER PLATFORMS: We used to refer to anything smaller than a laptop as “mobile”. Let’s get away from this and just call it a smaller platform. Between the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Chromebooks, Tablets, etc. there are so many ways to log into the system – who  wants to lug around a laptop? – she says balancing a laptop on her lap with peanuts nearby, a half eaten orange and a precarious glass of water on the side table…. My point here is to ensure that you develop a website with a responsive theme that can adjust to these various sizes and pay attention to your mobile user by offering phone numbers more frequently and buttons that are big and obvious and takes me to BUY or DIRECTIONS or whatever. Just GUIDE ME properly with great navigation and don’t waste my time – says users everywhere!

 WRITING: is very important this year in 2014. Nothing bugs me more than clicking a link about a cool topic only to have a very basic, boring article obviously written by someone for hire that does not know anything about the subject saying things like – It’s good to have good content. Make sure you write for your audience. Be sure to send them to your social media areas so you content can go viral!” — oh man, picture me rolling my eyes right now….oh yeah….snoozeville. This happens on LinkedIn more than you think. I hesitate to click on these links they send me to badly written low quality pieces.

I want to personally start a campaign that will ban people from talking about “going viral”. OK, rant over! lol

Hope you enjoyed my 2014 Online Tips, Tricks and Hacks. 


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