Be Bold or Don’t Bother

Be Bold or Don't Bother by Jan RossiAre you on social media to just chat or are you trying to engage with your customers new and old? If you are just chatting and posting quotes it’s kind of a boring page. Just posting pictures of your lunch? No, don’t do that it never works right on a business page.

Be yourself – show your personality and promote your stuff everywhere! On Facebook you should be commenting on other business pages for exposure.

On Twitter take more time finding new followers and post a little bit. I see people with 7,000 Twitter posts and their messages are only going to 137 followers – they do not have a clue on proper use of Twitter. Unfollowed because they were taking up my stream.

I just loaded a customer’s first video. Every day I share it with two other local businesses on Facebook pages. It’s loaded on her Facebook page, it’s on Pinterest and her Twitter page. We added a new Youtube tab as well. I’m about ready to make a press release about it. Also we did boost that post as well and it worked great.

I had to tell her I was going to be aggressive with getting it out there and she was ok with this approach. Be bold and put your marketing out there or just don’t bother. The people who are working their business with marketing campaigns will soar way ahead of the competition.

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