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A Beginner’s Guide for Twitter Newbies

Twitter has grown fast and while some people say it has been taken over by Affiliate Marketers just plugging their wares, there is a much larger group of conversationalists. To give this social media platform a try you have to be committed to using it everyday. Converse with your followers – retweet their musings – add some cool comments – post a quote that inspires you – take a stand on something important – but whatever you do, please participate. If you want to use it as one of your eMarketing tools – engage in social marketing and let your personality shine.

If you don’t post on Twitter and just follow people I will assume you have nothing to say, nothing to enlighten me about, nothing of passion, so I will probably not follow you. And you might shrug your shoulders and say “ok” but then why even bother signing up for a social network if you are not social? This doesn’t make sense. People involved in their business or cause or whatever are usually talking about it a lot. They are looking for like-minded people or people that have opposite viewpoints to engage in debates or just out there being enlightened by new thought, new ideas, new things. I guess it’s the curious-minded people that are the most active (well, er, and the Affiliate Marketers with their pitches).

My advice? Take it slow and don’t expect too much in the beginning. I think this is where people fail with Twitter. They read the hype and hear how easy it is to gain followers, but they erroneously think that having followers means they will buy your ebook or goods. Not necessarily. Like anything else – it is a kind of numbers game. A certain amount of people will like you and not follow you. Then there are others that follow you and actually check out your website. Some of those followers actually sign up for your enewsletter. After a certain amount of time and connections and information, they may buy something from you. This is really no different than a person browsing your store in the Fall, coming back in the Spring maybe to check out sales and then deciding to make a purchase in June. Yeah, not so immediate huh? But, if you get enough of these types of people and they tell others and those other people like and follow then there is a good amount of people “in the funnel” of deciding whether to purchase and that’s what it is all about. Provide goods and services to people who want or need these items. Making a connection will seem easier and easier, yet you know how much time you put into your social media campaign.

So in the beginning, don’t lose hope. Keep it going. Read about Twitter. Add value to conversations, laugh at people’s jokes, and by all means – participate! I am a big fan of Twitter so I will be posting a lot of blogs on this great way to connect to future customers. If you have some insight into Twitter that has made a difference in your business, please add a comment. More Twitter fun to come soon. You can find me on Twitter as JanRossiCO. Let’s connect!

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  • I am really into Search Engine Optimization. Great post and I would check back again soon!

  • I used to be very skeptical about Twitter, especially for business-related communication, since my time is so precious. However, after launching my most recent website, Ultimate Gluten Free, I have been amazed that the most promising offers for advertising have come through Twitter. So I’m sold, and have found that it really doesn’t take a lot of time to have a business presence on Twitter, once you get the hang of it.

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