About Jan Rossi

Jan Rossi is owner of Get You Started eMarketing, Big Kahuna Web Hosting and Colorado Website Redesign services. She can be reached at 970-430-8108. Need a website? With SEO included? Invisible sites really do you no good. Be found and make sales. Your business will grow faster that way! I'd love to work with you - call me now.

Solutions to New Year’s Resolutions – Part II

These are just a few examples of ways to reach out to someone like Lisa and be a business who provides solutions to her New Year’s Resolutions. A marketing plan that is conscious of these needs is a plan that will work. Having a focused effort each quarter to help drive business growth is key to growing your business. Listen to your customers – every age – and see how you can be an MVP in their life.

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Jambo, Bonjour, Hola, Buon giorno, Hello!

Get You Started eMarketing sets up Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts and Designs Blogs (helping clients post and load images) and generally coaching small business owners in the art of making themselves FOUND and RELEVANT to their clients on the internet. – Jan Rossi

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