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Blog Posts, Trade Shows and Impulse Purchases

Blog Posts, Trade Shows and Impulse Purchases

Blog Posts

Blog Posts Trade Shows and Impulse Marketing - Great Small business adviceWriting blog posts for your business on your website does not have to be super and informative all the time. Sometimes it can be just an account of something funny that happened, or a tip for customer to get better value out of your product or it can be a write up about your opinion on someone else’s quote in the industry. The important thing is that it gets done the day you think – “gee, it’s been a while since I touched base with our customers.

Just don’t let the writing of blog posts give you anxiety.

In many cases a simple post just let’s your customers know that  you are around – doing your thing – tending to business and hopefully ordering cool Christmas inventory or thinking about what to add in the mix for next Spring. It’s the business owners that plan ahead that seem to do the best. All they are doing is changing things up once in a while. Bringing in new merchandise. Adding different colors. Finding a super cool new vendor that they just met at a trade show for instance. Think about purchasing a voice recorder and record yourself during the day holding one of your items in your retail business and talking about it – like a customer is standing there and you are telling them all the benefits of this item. That’s a blog post. Bang! Done!

Trade Shows

I remember going to a trade show in Florida for my retail business expecting to come back with something specific – which I did – but I also found some amazing point of purchase items that my clients loved! I put these near the cash register for last minute impulse purchases. They really do work. When a customer picked up something silly for just $2 or $3 they realized, “well my wallet is open, why don’t I get that $32 item I was considering earlier but talked myself out of?”

Blog Posts Trade Shows and Impulse Purchases - by Get You Started eMarketing Jan RossiI saw this happen quite frequently. So if you think business owners just LOVE to clutter up their counter with bic lighters and blow pops – they are just impulse items that help you make larger purchases. There is a science to this type of retail marketing!

You should always be marketing. ABM!  Get out of town and give yourself a travel break, meet other industry professionals and bring back some new cool offerings for your customers. Then blog about it! Record yourself in your store and make a blog post – keep content flowing on your site. Always add impulse purchases in your cash register area and encourage people to buy something cool for $2 – $3 that they know they need. Market yourself and increase your bottom line all the time. It will be easier to pay the rent with these simple tips.


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