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Who are you? Brand your Biz

Who are you? Brand your Biz

What is your brand and is it connecting with consumers?

Brand your business

Hi there! Thanks for visiting – hope my brand is consistent and you stay!

Hopefully you have a business plan that maps out all the particulars of your business. If you don’t, well it’s a good idea to write things down and have a master business plan. With Internet marketing taking such a strong lead people are finding out that having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Places and your own changeable site…a Blogsite is very important in order to have a consistent message/conversation with your customers to keep your brand clear and concise.

If you are a restaurant do you just sell food? Perhaps you have a relaxing dining area and it is an escape for weary new parents out on a date night. You are really selling romance now aren’t you? What about a private jet company. Do they sell travel or convenience or luxury (maybe all)? What are the emotions that are present when people think of your business. As a day care provider you might find that your customers choose your brand because of the high quality of employees, safety, trust, happiness of their children and general experience of the staff. You need to take all this valuable information and attract other customers that are interested in a romantic night out, a quick and convenient jet service or the trust and safety provided by the day care business. How can you convey these benefits to potential new customers with your brand marketing message?

Visual Cues for your Brand

Having a run down business entrance with cigarette butts hanging around, a partially hand painted business sign and dirty front windows says to the customer that you really don’t care about your business. These visual cues have impact. It’s the same with your emarketing efforts too. No phone number on your left graphic on your Facebook page? (sigh) No tag line that explains  XYZ Enterprises? How are they going to give you a “like” if there is nothing for your potential customer to really like on your site? Do your custom colors match on all platforms?

Colors, language and images are ways to brand your business through a visual cue that helps the customer “feel good” about spending money with your business. A bright neon pink sign in a dentist office says “deal! low price! bargain bin!” and does that make you feel confident in your dentist’s abilities? I would run away fast. It’s the same feeling online as well. We need to be reminded that the business we have chosen is trusted, friendly, has good value, etc. If your company tag line is silly it might be good for a laugh, but it will ring “false” to a customer in the end. A local steel company uses the tag line, “We are proud of all our erections“. I was a bit taken back, but I laughed and then thought it should have been more serious. I don’t think the side of a truck should have that on there….I just don’t...sorry! 🙂

How do you make your Brand stand out?

First of all, be genuine. Come across in your Facebook posts as you and not someone you think you should sound like because your customers will know it is a phony persona. You can still do something different and let your personality stand out. Are you a coffee place that has sidewalk traffic? What about hiring some talented art students (or neighborhood kids…) to send people to your coffee shop from around the corner with simple chalk writings. “This way for brilliant coffee”  “Don’t be late for your latte – this way.” Take a picture of this and post it on Facebook. Thank the child or artist or friend who did the artwork and encourage your customers to come in….on Facebook…through your chalk art! Make sure this message is consistent with your overall brand concept,

There will be many more posts about how to brand your business because it is a huge subject right now. Many interruptions block our thought processes at times (i.e. social media conversations for instance) and without a consistent message and visual cues – your business brand will be lost. For now, I’d like you to think . . .

Who are you? …. “I really wanna know” – your customer.

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  • Perfect advice! I have been trying to find something similar to this for a while now. Appreciation!

  • It is usually difficult to get skilled people within this topic, you seem like you know exactly what you are writing about! Many thanks

    • Thank you! Branding is such a large, all encompasing endeavor…..I will write more about this soon. There seems to be many businesses with confusing messages out there……so maybe I can help them focus. Thanks again, Jan.

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