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Caught a Great White Shark on Craigslist

Caught a Great White Shark on Craigslist

Catch a great white shark with craigslist by Jan RossiA friend of mine sells items in a retail store and occasionally lists them on Craigslist. It’s an extra way to expose the retail goods to an online community. His current site is a GoDaddy template and the SEO is not that great. So to help boost the exposure, he sometimes lists things on Craigslist. You could equate this activity to fishing. Cast out the line and make a few movements in the water and see if you can catch any fish. Well, the other day my friend caught a great white shark on Craigslist.

The day began as routine. Add a few items on the Etsy shop, all new items and pictures are displayed on the website to keep things current. Make a Facebook post (kind of a waste of time lately with all the filters) and step over to Twitter and Pinterest. My friend hasn’t figured out LinkedIn and frankly that’s ok – his customers are not over there but it would help to have exposure for his business on the LinkedIn platform. He posts on the local Craigslist page and then he does something not too many other people do – he posts on the major city page closest to him which is Denver. Many times Denver folks will come up North here to Fort Collins for unique items and he knows that for a certain customer the hour drive is not a problem. So, understanding his customer base he posts on Craigslist 2 items for sale that he thinks are unique on a fairly regular basis.

Bam! He gets a hit on the Denver Craigslist post.

Why not the website? Why not Facebook?  Well, the Craigslist posts are indexed by Google. They come up in searches. When someone is looking for a particular item they do a general search and his listing for a specific item came up in a search that was made by one of the History Channel Shows. They followed his link to his GoDaddy website and loved all the images and things he was selling. (I can’t tell you what the items are because I don’t want to mess with the mojo right now and I will update this post after the event has happened.)

My friend caught a great white shark on Craigslist.

The shark was a hungry television producer for a show on the History Channel. They need items “just like this”. We “love your store and your items!”. How “soon can you get down here? Send us pics of things in the store we don’t know about – wow – love this stuff.” The two partners in this business are super excited. Just a normal day of fishing for customers brought this one big fish into their lives. It will be life changing for them and their business.

What’s the moral of this fishing story? Post on Craigslist. It’s not just for people trying to get rid of old appliances and used baby clothes. It has power. Many of my other clients are using it and people walk in their store with phrases like “I saw that (fill in the blank) item you had on craigslist and wondered if you still have a few left at that price.” It’s then the salesperson’s job to make sure that is the correct item and sell them more. It’s how it works.

If you’ve ever caught a great white shark on Craigslist you know the power of social media marketing. If I can help you cut through the clutter and focus your attention on platforms where your customers are swimming, just give me a call at 970-430-8108. – Jan


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Jan Rossi is owner of Get You Started eMarketing, JanRossi.com and Big Kahuna Web Hosting and former owner of Colorado Website Redesign services. In January 2018 she has rebranded to market her small mini-courses for recent college graduates stressed out about how to manage their new position as a social media manager. Some things they don't teach you in college! No worries - Jan can help you out. Add her "Marketing Residency" Alexa Flash Briefings to your day. She can be reached at 970-310-0097.

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