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Content – Rich with Information for 2014

Content – Rich with Information for 2014

Content - Rich with Information for 2014Google has told us that content that is rich with information will get the biggest attention. Writing content that delivers a certain topic or idea that has not been previously repeated and re-written is the key to great content attention in 2014. So why do I still see tired old writing linked from LinkedIn? Just today, Easter Sunday, I looked at a social marketing piece on LinkedIn about using Facebook for business. It encouraged everyone to have a Facebook business page. Really? Does the author even know it’s 2014? Facebook just announced their 10 year birthday and there is a brand new article that mentions “you can have a business page on Facebook.” Laughable.

Content – Rich with Information for 2014: Take Time to Write

What is happening is that blog post and business owners don’t have the time to write. They cannot think of any good ideas so they farm out the writing to professional writers that even know less about the subject than the blog owner. It is very comical to read these posts because they are so basic in nature.

“It is a good idea to have a Facebook business page. People can find your business on Facebook. You can display your hours. Imagine if your customers could find you on Facebook!”  –  lol

I had to double check this was written in April 2014! I’m sure the blog owner paid a whopping $12 for this writer to concoct this basic information that was most likely taken from an old article from 2005 or so. Basically, when you pay for writing that is subpar, your readers don’t take you and your business seriously. Trying to outwit the Google engines with all your great daily posts is not happening. Google knows you are posting nonsense. Hence, your page rank is tanking. What is page rank? It’s important. More on this later. Want to do it right? Make some blog posts yourself and actually say something unique. Give your readers information. Enlighten them and their followers. Maybe you’ll get some shared content. Hope my little rant does not deter you from checking out my other articles. I just get a bit fired up when my time is wasted reading something written at a first grade level with old @ss information. Write something unique, interesting and informative and make sure the reader knows your point. Are you going to write something great now? Of course. Make it so…

Content – Rich with Information for 2014 – go write something now . . .


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