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Where did Comments go in

Where did Comments go in

Where is that WordPress Comments area?

Wordepress Comments area solutions

If you start working with for a while you will discover that things come and go. The Comments area has now switched to a new spot in your WordPress background. Sometimes a plug-in is working fine, then it is not. And then the dreaded upgrade. Do I upgrade automatically and cross my fingers in hopes that all will be fine? Sure, or you can just back up your site so you are covered – that’s a good thing too. 🙂 In this case, it is not a plug-in issue, but a location change within WordPress itself for handling comments settings on your site. This all happened with the upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.1 recently.

Basically your comments area is initially handled under Settings>–Discussion. Take a look what you have there and change things around if you want to hold comments or let them all go without a moderator involvement.


Now go to one of your blog posts. Scroll down and you can’t find the Comments area anymore. You may be have decided that it was time to turn off comments on a certain post. How will you do that if it is not there anymore? Well, WordPress just took that area and put it under your “Screen Options” settings in the upper right area of your Dashboard – just to the left of “Help”.

Finding Comments in the Screen Options Area

Click on “Screen Options” and an informative list of things (some are plug-ins) that you can turn on and off appears. The word discussion refers to comments. If “Discussion” is checked that means that the comments on/off control will display at the bottom of your post area and you can check on or off. See below:

When “Discussion” is checked above in the Screen Options area, then your comments area will appear; just close up screen options and scroll down below the post. You can then decide to check each box for comments and tracking/pingbacks.

It seems more complicated than it really is and just taking a moment to “look under the hood” will reveal the tools you need to control the comments.

I enjoy using WordPress and find it somewhat easy to use, however when upgrades occur some things are changed and it feels like you are in another timezone or parallel universe as my sister likes to say….(too many Star Trek episodes has her thinking this way!)

I hope I have assisted with your Comments problem. If, over time, there is another change to the Comments/Discussion area I will update this blog post. Keep in mind this is being written in April  2011. Who knows where it will be with upgrade 5.3.2? Good luck!  Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts about this – or if you have any other thoughts about using comments that readers might find helpful. Thank you!
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