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Get Smart with your Social Media

Get Smart with your Social Media
Get Smart and Match your social media with your website!

My Facebook left graphic area. Let’s stay in touch – FB style. LIKE!

So you have a nice Facebook Fan Page. You make posts and have a conversation going with some of your customers. You have filled out your informational pages, listed “hot” links back to your website and your left area graphic has your phone number clearly displayed and you added a nice Welcome Tab for people who have not “liked” your page yet – as a welcome, but also as a suggestion for them to “like” your page.

Oops? No? You have not done these things? Well, before you do anything else be sure to have your Facebook Fan Page looking good. If you start promoting it around the web using Twitter and on your business card and such, and it is NOT in tip top shape….then potential customers will “Bounce OFF” and not like your page. Let’s get smart about all aspects of social media shall we? After all, it is your brand that needs to be consistent.

Put some thought into what the page looks like when someone first opens your Facebook area. Could they be coming from your website? If you have a Facebook Link from your site, that is entirely possible. Does your brand match from one site to the other? Do your colors on your website match the colors you have used on the Facebook graphic area? Did you add a phone number and an address too? Is the welcome page similarly designed as your website? Brand your biz!

Get Smart with your Branding through Social Media

Get smart with Social Media Marketing from Get You Started eMarketing

Agent 86 and Agent 99 often found themselves tied up. How we gonna get outta this one Chief? Get smart and implement what you learn about social media!

There was a funny TV show called “Get Smart” where this slightly daft spy would screw things up and always tell his chief that he “missed it by…..that….(indicating a small area), much” – when in fact everything around him was chaos. He always just seemed to be a bit oblivious to things around him, yet all turned out ok. In your Social Media Marketing you have to get smart about using it properly so that your time is well spent and there is meaning in every post and comment. Time is important. Resources are scarce, make every moment of your Social Media marketing efforts have a purpose.

Listen to the recommendations from Younger Generations

Why? They use Social Media 20 times more than you do – all the time. The social sites have personalized pages, tunes, like this, discuss that, share this, add a link, help a cause, make a comment, tell us what you think, etc. etc. and they do these things on a regular basis. When one of your employees casually mentions something that might help the business involving social media stop and listen to what they have to say because they will likely only say it once. If you show interest in their input, you are more likely to get more valuable input in the future. Everyone likes to be told that they have a “Good idea, 99” – as Agent 86, Maxwell Smart liked to agree with his partner, Agent 99. Everyone likes to be thanked for their input!

Somehow this blog post seems like the old “pop culture” trick – and that’s the second time I’ve fallen for that this week!  Review your Facebook Fan Page now and make improvements. It means all the difference.

 I’ll get smart and work on my social media marketing too – it’s on-going!


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