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Hey, check out my stuff and give me feedback.

Hey, check out my stuff and give me feedback.

Recently I was asked to give someone feedback on their website page promoting their “Optimizing Facebook” options. As I looked at what they were offering I was very surprised to see he was charging $1,000 a month for Small businesses and $2,500 for large businesses to manage their Facebook account, add “2,000 likes a week”, run pay-per-click campaigns and basically he promised them the world.

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Dont’ get stuck with a bad Facebook Page Manager

I gave him some feedback, noticing that his website was not responsive (I hope he had a mobile version) so pulling in his website pages into Facebook was not happening. Went over to Facebook and it appears he is very very excited about his 97,000 likes on Facebook. Really? Wow! That’s incredible, but really quite unrealistic. You see, most of these likes are “fakes”. Fake accounts from foreign countries. I clicked on the likes and noticed that the majority of his likes are coming from Algeria.

Algeria, really?

Also, when looking at people who “liked” his posts they all had odd last names, like not from USA. so who are your customers really? Are you really conversing with real customers or is your page one big “fakey” fake set-up to lure US customers into thinking that people are following your every post and trust your business expertise?

The whole thing was so staged. It was ridiculous.

Bottom line – know who you are working with and check people out before you decide to work with someone who is eager to bind  you into a 12 month contract at $12,000 a year to manage a simple Facebook page.

This same person offered to assist me in some way and I can’t tell you how far away I want to distance myself from this kind of malarkey. Sometimes I feel as if I am swimming with sharks! If you want an honest, smart/hard working social media person – just contact or call me, 970-672-7906 and we will get you started without the smoke and mirrors. – Jan


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