2013 Internet Marketing Tips by Jan

Snappy Titles grab more readers than Boring Titles.

You know what I mean. Sending me a newsletter that is entitled “October Newsletter” is just plain lazy. Why not say “Crazy Fall Tips to turn your Bottom Line Black!” or Instead of “New Products Have Arrived” make it “Out of the Box Steals and Deals with Brand New Merch!” – Be creative. Be silly – and whatever you do – show some excitement in your words. Or else I will never, ever click through to your content. zzZZzzZ. Keep it snappy!

Do not use dashes in domain urls.

Research has shown that Google is not so keen on domains with dashes. They think of it as a way to take advantage of other domain holders with no dashes and they are most likely to diminish the ranking and search result capabilities of your site. It’s best to be a bit more creative and use words like “my” “the” or “a” to mix things up with your domain. Consider that tactic over a dash in your url.

Use plug-ins for different purposes

You are probably familiar with the plug-ins that scroll in and out or fade or slide that show people’s testimonials on a website. Don’t make them go too fast or we can’t read them please!  But let’s step back for a moment and think about this tool. How else can we use it?
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SEO Plug-ins

If you are not using the WordPress SEO plug-in from Yoast you are missing out on a very simple, nicely designed plug-in that helps you optimize each and every page on your site. Feel like asking a techie for advice? Beware. They probably are using the same plug-in they have used for 2 years….and sometimes those plug-ins are not updated to keep up with Googles’ latest algorithmic changes. So who ya gonna call? Yoast! to the rescue.

Also, some techies have upgraded (translation: “paid money”) for a premium version of the old version so they feel obligated (translation: “stuck”) with the older, out-dated plugin. But that’s not you – right? You want to fine-tune your site to get the best results. Then add in the Yoast SEO plug-in and do it. Personally, I have to change over on this site from Ultimate SEO to Yoast. So I am right with you very soon!! 🙂

Check your header

If I called up your website and then did nothing. Let’s say I don’t touch the mouse and I don’t scroll. What do I see? Is your name and logo clear? What do you do? Can I figure that out?

Some people take a phone call in the middle of calling up a website. Does your site give them enough information to be curious? Here’s one of the simplest 2013 Internet Marketing Tips by Jan – open up your own website and just sit there and look at it. Look at it on a laptop, phone, desktop. does it look the way you want?

Now – here’s the real question I am getting at.  Where is your phone number?

Gotcha, right? Over 60% of the developers and website gurus just put the phone number tucked way down at the bottom of the website. They are not marketing types (well, the techie ones.) But yeah, I’ve forgotten this tidbit myself a time or two and quickly corrected it.

2013 Marketing tips by Jan

Put your phone number in your header. Now. Do it!

You will forget – that’s why I would like you to do it right away. You could be losing a sale or a great connection because the person is looking for your number and getting frustrated.

Phone number in the header – in the middle on sidebar – and at the bottom. Make sure your navigation is solid. – posted April 2013

   Facebook over-posting is exhausting and a time suck

2013 Internet Marketing Tips by Jan RossiFacebook can consume too much of your personal time and your business time. Be careful that you do not over-post on Facebook. Why? Your followers are not really following you if you post too much. They are tired of seeing your quotes and funny pics and whatnot and so they have blocked  your feed. Yep!  And you are looking at your page all excited that 4,500 people are waiting for your posts and really only maybe 500 people see your posts. Maybe. It all depends on the engagement level.

So, really focus on what you want to accomplish with your Facebook page and make sure every post counts.

Position you and your brand as the trusted source, leader, and the business to turn to in your industry by giving people a solid connection with you and your business. Watch out for too much chatter. That can seriously hurt your business. After all, if you are on Facebook all the time who is running your business? – posted March 2013


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