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Sometimes it takes a little bit of assistance to get you through the tough parts.This internet marketing resources page was created to assist you with your small business online choices Here are some tips on profitable tools, links, hosting, email companies, accessories, etc. that I have found useful. Maybe my experience can help you out a bit. Yes, I am affiliated with these resources, so if you have enjoyed reading my marketing blog, or other pages, go ahead and click the link. It helps to offset the cost of keeping up this website. If not, maybe just buy me a coffee? Thanks in advance. Of course you can always call me if you have a question or need assistance of any kind with these resources – Jan Rossi (970) 672-7906.

Need an Autoresponder eMail Newsletter Account? Try AWEBER

AWeber does a great job in handling all your email marketing. You can set up autoresponders to automatically send your customers a coupon exactly 33 days after they first sign up with you. There are many profitable uses for using AWeber. Give them a try. I can help you get started with the set-up too. Click the link below to get started!


Where to host your site?  Host Gator.

Sure there are many hosting companies out there, but the folks at Host Gator know what they’re doing. They provide a fast, reliable place for your website.They have a reputation for being one of the best hosting companies around. Why mess with anyone else? Look at their hosting packages and pick one that meets your budget and your needs. By the way, I do work on sites that are hosted elsewhere and there is a speed difference – Host Gator is fast. If you need assistance setting anything up, give me a call.

Resource Page | Get You Started eMarketingMoo Business Cards. Moo is a very innovative business card company providing creative cards that stand out. You can get mini cards, stickers, cards with your specific photograph on them and cards with your individual message on them (front AND back). The colors are trendy, bright and fresh. Tired of handing out the same old boring card? Go to the Moo website and have fun networking! Let your cards help get you noticed!

Keyword Research and Market Samurai

Having a great website is one thing, but being found by your customers online is crucial for your success.  How did you manage to get first or second page listing on the Google results? – you simply took a little time to find the correct keywords that people are searching for on your topic. Main keywords, related keywords, long-tail keywords, keywords with chocolate sauce, er….well, you know what I mean. Market Samurai is worth every penny.  Don’t be like me – I hesitated to invest in this awesome tool and found out why some of my earlier blog posts had literally no traffic. Learn from this rookie mistake and buy Market Samurai now. Yeah, this is one of these….you gotta have it type resources, trust me.


SMS Text Marketing


Purchasing Domain Names:

So what’s the big deal with Go-whatever?  So you can get a domain name for 5.99? Well, I have purchased Domain Names from Network Solutions for the last 12 years and they have been a super company to work with and their prices are competitive. And the owner of Network Solutions does not kill elephants for sport. Where are you going to spend your money?


Favorite SEO Plug-in: Ultimate SEO

Ok this is a free plug-in (gasp!) and it is the bomb. The company behind this SEO resource is SEO Design Solutions and these guys are the real deal. They have easy navigation to figure out your settings. Videos and extensive help menus hold your hand along the way AND they regularly publish updates that are meaningful and full of new tools that will set your website apart from your competition stuck in the land of “all-in-notsogreat”. READ their whitepapers and please do what they suggest. This plug-in will assist you in many ways. Give them a donation if you are as pleased as I am with this fantastic SEO plug-in.


Disclaimer: yes, each of the businesses listed above I use and highly recommend. I am a registered affiliate for these companies (except for the SEO one) because I truly believe their offerings are the best. If you have learned a bit about internet marketing by reading my internet marketing blog (link) and are interested in signing up with any of these firms, please click through using my link. Thank you.

If not, maybe just buy me a coffee instead? I stay up late, so coffee is always appreciated. J