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The internet has embeded itself in our lifestyle. We check emails regularly, text, chat, log on to Facebook to connect with friends and share photos and memories, we discover new friends and business associates using Twitter and other social media sites.

Where does your business fit in? How can you be visible to your clients and appear as the solution to their issues so that they purchase from your business repeatedly?

Simple. You stay in touch and become relevant to their needs. Here is where eMarketing comes in to the scenario. It’s all about positioning your company to be the solution to your clients problems or issues. You stay in touch with them, listen to them and offer them goods and services that make their lives simpler, better, easier. Do this and you will grow your business and your influence (your Brand) in a short timeframe.

I am here to help you make that happen. No more “thinking about it” or “maybe next year” (hello, we are in 2011 now!) or I’ll get on that as soon as “______” fill in another excuse.

The simple truth is that it is an online consumer driven marketplace. Customers are searching on a daily basis for your goods. Are you there? Is your website visible to someone who searches? Is there a link from your website to your social media sites so that they can see how you interact with others? If your presence online is a “secret” why bother? Just because you know you have a cool, hip, graphically super-sized website does not mean others know about it – unless you market it properly and pay attention to the changes on the internt.

That’s where Get You Started eMarketing comes into the picture. I have been setting up Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts and Designing Blogs and helping clients post and loading images and generally coaching small business owners in the art of making themselves FOUND and RELEVANT to their clients on the internet. Once I hold their hand a bit they are amazed how easy and simple it really is and I feel comfortable to have taken away some anxiety that business owners have over taking that first step.

Posts on here will be informative, funny, sometimes story-like, and current on the topic of eMarketing or internet marketing. I hope you bookmark this site and or subscribe to my newsletter as well to keep yourself updated in changing events.

Make a habit this year to improve your online presence. It could mean the difference between staying in business or closing due to a lack of sales/interest.

I believe the New Year (2011) has a lot in store for us in the world of social media marketing – new fresh ideas will mean that forward thinking business owners that act fast and embrace new technology will leave others behind to play “me too!” marketing games later. Are you a forward thinker? Awesome. I am too….let’s get you started right away!

Jan Rossi

Marketing Catalyst

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Jan Rossi is owner of Get You Started eMarketing, Big Kahuna Web Hosting and Colorado Website Redesign services. She can be reached at 970-430-8108. Need a website? With SEO included? Invisible sites really do you no good. Be found and make sales. Your business will grow faster that way! I'd love to work with you - call me now.


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