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“You are my Density” – Keywords, man, Keywords

“Lorraine, I am your density . . .” – George McFly

What is all the commotion about keywords? Keywords are the driving beacon to your website. So much, in fact, that people have been known to (gasp) “keyword stuff” their first paragraph in blogs in order to ensure the search engines see the right words and send your blog up to the front of the pack in an organic listing. Did I mention that keywords need to be everywhere? Keywords in your titles, domain, permalinks (more on that in a moment), upper first third area of your blog post, title tag descriptions, meta tag descriptions – like everywhere. There must be a certain density of keywords associated with everything about your blog post in order for it to be found relevant to the almighty Google bot. You want Google to see your post about (INSERT KEYWORD HERE) as the most relevant thing it’s ever seen and by golly let’s bring it back to the Mother Ship Google and put this post on display as a first prize trophy! Translation: ranking up there on the first page – preferably no. 1. Easy to do? Well, if you do everything right, and get in the habit of densely populating everything you do with these specific keywords – you are doing pretty well.

A little Keyword Research will give you an Advantage

So what keywords should you choose in order to drive traffic to your site? Is the market for “hot air balloon rides” bigger than searches for “hot air ballooning”? See also Google Trends to see which pairing of words is more popular right now. Will “tight jeans” bring up the right results for your customers or are they looking for “stretchy jeans” or “thin jeans”. Well, now this is interesting isn’t it? You might have had some words that you believe to be awesomely perfect “keywords” for your business – but without analysis through a keyword tool you won’t know the traffic being generated on those words. Also start to use Google Insights for Search for more keyword rich information.

High traffic also means high demand. Do you want to compete with 350,000 websites vying for the same keyword attention or maybe you should try and direct a more narrowed down grouping of searches (say 40,000 people) that will search on “red belly sap sucker bird in xxxxx” (known as the long tail keywords…er, no pun intended). Follow the advice on the Google Keyword Tool area and take some time in this area. Once you find the words, you then have to use them in the first third of your blog post area and the title and description areas to max out the keywords and be known as relevant in that quest for your item.

Emphasize Keywords for a Few Extra Brownie Points

Once you are using these delicious keywords about in your post, you can add a bit of emphasis here and there with italics, underlining and bolding to draw attention. Mama Google likes this and pays attention to your embellishments. So guys – just do it. Ladies – easy there….don’t over do it.

Good, Better, Best Writing Skills with Keyword Density

There are good ways and bad ways of getting those keywords scattered around your blog post. The best way is to make it seamless, effortless and ever so on-target without being overbearing. The worst way is – well, you’ve probably seen the worst. If you are just using a word repeatedly and not making any sense your article could be flagged and deemed “black hat” (a bad thing, big oops) and not ranked at all! So, don’t mess with Mother Google and try to max out keywords using repetition. If it’s not a sentence, it does not count.

Permalinks and Other Behind the Scenes Keywords

Important to you as a blogger is the ability to have people find and read your posts. The “behind the scenes” action that lets the search engines find your posts is very important. I recently switched from Platinum SEO to Greg’s High Performance and now I am using Ultimate SEO. Why so much change? I need something that allows me to plug in my meta descriptions, keywords, permalinks, title tags, etc. simply and easily. So Greg’s got pulled because it was not so simple. Platinum was ok, but now that I am using Ultimate SEO my site is being seen by more search engines than ever! These plug-ins are just tools. You have to take the time to figure them out and load up your parameters too. Having a nice dense keyword rich map for the search engines that matches your text in the article that matches what the person is looking for in search – voila! You will be found and the result will be displayed higher up than other blogs not so well optimized.

Things change – be Prepared

Keep in mind that if the searching algorithms change, keyword importance might be decreased. We just have to prepare for the next important way to be found in the vast internet universe. So, in taking the road to blogging success – Roads?! Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!!” Dr. Emmett Brown explaining to Marty as the Flux capacitor kicks into action. Rock on bloggers!

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  • Absolutely outstanding information and very well written,thank you very much for this.

  • One other quick question, if you start out using one particular plugin for SEO, can you change to another without losing all your custom settings (titles, descriptions, etc)? One of my websites, Ultimate Gluten Free, has about 2500 pages, and I don’t want to lose all that hard work!

    • Hi Peter – thanks for all your thoughtful comments! Regarding the changing of SEO plug-ins sometimes there is a way to capture all your existing data and import them in to a new plug-in. You have to go over the “details” area in the plug-in page and see if the developer has made any arrangements to pull over data from other SEO plug-ins. Sometimes the answer is in the forums area. I try to stick with plug-ins and theme developers that have 1) updated their work lately and 2) respond to questions and 3) have a forum where you can find an answer for your existing problem. With a site like yours that is so big – your best friend is the Backup you use! 🙂

      Also, on this site if you embed any links in a post they are “no follow” but the links in your sign up area are “follow” so feel free to use your Gluten Site in the links as you fill out the sign up area to comment.

      Thank you for your contributions and best of luck with your site! Press on (with wordpress,org of course!) – Jan

  • I find Platinum SEO a good compromise between power and usability. SEO Ultimate is amazing, though, especially if you have time to take advantage of all its features.

  • “Mother Google,” no kidding…I had no idea that it took things into account such as bold and underlined text. I’m learning a ton by reading here–thank you very much for the info!

  • Quality post, trendy website theme, keep up the great work

    • Thank you so much! Being new in the blogging world encouragement is is a slow road in the beginning. Ty! J.

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