What Everybody Should Know about this Marketing Stuff

Something I see more and more of is graphic artists telling the world they do marketing as well. There are videographers that tell business owners they will help market their business goods and services. And then there are the people who are in the life coaching arena describing themselves as marketing experts. No, all these people are not really focused on Marketing, but they want your advertising dollars to create a beautiful graphic or video and they don’t want another person “in the mix” to take away any money that they think should all go to them. Yes, this is getting more prevalent as people are trying to do everything and be everything to create income. There, I said it.

Good marketing will make your cash register sing - profits go up!

Making the cash register ring is the ultimate compliment to great marketing!

There is a problem with this method of operation. The graphics person is so into the beauty, color and style of their work sometimes they don’t realize the font they have chosen cannot be read and oops, they forgot your phone number and there is no website address in the ad. Why? They are not trained or focused to remember these important bits of information. I saw a lovely video the other night that was perfect in color, lighting, sound, etc. but I cannot tell you where this business is located and I never saw a picture of the front door so it is not implanted in my brain to look for it when I drive down the street. The video person tells us he wanted to get the message across that it was a “great family”. Well, if he talked with the owner more and understood his purpose for the video I would probably guess that the business owner wanted to get the message out that yes, it is a close knit family run business, but they have an excellent product, customers love them (only one quick testimonial was shown), and that they would love for you to come on down and buy their product. That particular message did not come across at all. A good, focused marketing person would have made sure that the “story” actually funneled down to – come here and buy our awesome product! Without having that marketing focus, they got a wonderful “fluff” piece that has no call to action. I still don’t know the location of this business.

My point is for you, the business owner, to put together a good team that makes sure your story is told and that there is a good marketing offer, your location is known, phone numbers are prominently displayed, etc. Without having these pieces all together – you might just end up with a nice fluff piece that does nothing for your business. Not a good use of the $1,500 fee for the video, right? How many click throughs to your website could you have purchased with that money? A lot. How many of those people driven to your website would have known your location and phone and actually made a purchase? A lot.

You are in the driver’s seat. You know your business. The Life Coach does not know your business. Are they asking you questions to learn and understand so that they can create an awesome campaign? Or do they presume to know. Hire someone who is passionate about what you do and who “sees” the overall direction you want to go and who wants to make sales! The cash register ringing is a glorious sound. That means you get to stay in business a bit longer.

Put together a team of people that know what their role is and force them to work together to give you a great product. You would be amazed what a little bit of collaboration can do for your overall project. Having a solo person is ok, but only if they can truly do all of the items you need and do them well. For instance, I am not a graphics designer. I can manipulate photos, add words, crop, re-size – all the basics – but if a project requires a nice, sharp image I run to my graphics person! I know they will make both myself and my client look awesome. You have got to get things right the first time.

Surround yourself with the right team of professionals and your marketing projects will have focus, excitement, clarity and a strong purpose! It always comes down to making more sales. Always.

Blogsites: The New Changeable Website

WordPress has transformed the internet in many ways. It has allowed the masses to have internet sites where content can be changed whenever you need it to change. And it is a free platform! The hosting is not free – but you can usually get a hosting account between $5 – 14 a month. Leaving a website to just sit around and do nothing with no changed content is just plain silly. In today’s world of emarketing you have to be social and interact with your customers. Why? Because customers expect it. Texting and cell phones have transformed our economy into a chatty one. We talk and text so frequently that you wonder if you are keeping any of your thoughts private anymore. Businesses tap into this new culture with elaborate eMarketing campaigns designed to encourage you to share with your friends and family all the details of your shopping experiences with their brand. And indirectly, you are being influenced by the Facebook “likes” and “tweets” of those around you.

New changeable website by Get You Started eMarketingIn the not too distant “old days” (say 4 – 5 years ago) standard websites were the norm. You were at the mercy of your web gal or guy to make changes on your site for your business. Many times Christmas offers are still on your site on January 20th – or the Valentine’s Day Promotion did not get loaded until Feb. 12th. You got the same invoice, but the timing was horrible and made you look silly in the eyes of your customer. By having a WordPress (and I am referring to WordPress.org) based website (or a Blogsite) you can make updates, have your Facebook and Twitter feeds on the site, change colors add pictures – all by making changes yourself (or hiring someone to do this still, but for a lot less money).

Search engines like Google give brownie points (that means you get higher rankings in searches – very key to your Blogsite success) to sites that are changed often. If you are going to rely on a web developer to make these changes, it can be costly. Better to have a WordPress site designed for you with plug-ins that make things easy for you and then you can maintain the site with your new changeable website. At Get You Started eMarketing, this is what I do. I help get you started, do some training and hold your hand until you can do it yourself. As business owners, you are already used to a little risk, so what’s the harm in learning something new? It’s a great way to give your business online presence a little pick me up.

So ditch the old static billboard website and sign up for WordPress.org and get started on your new changeable website.. Make it one of your 1st Quarter New Year’s Resolution. You’ll be glad you did! (and so will your customers).


A Beginner’s Guide for Twitter Newbies

Twitter has grown fast and while some people say it has been taken over by Affiliate Marketers just plugging their wares, there is a much larger group of conversationalists. To give this social media platform a try you have to be committed to using it everyday. Converse with your followers – retweet their musings – add some cool comments – post a quote that inspires you – take a stand on something important – but whatever you do, please participate. If you want to use it as one of your eMarketing tools – engage inĀ social marketing and let your personality shine.

If you don’t post on Twitter and just follow people I will assume you have nothing to say, nothing to enlighten me about, nothing of passion, so I will probably not follow you. And you might shrug your shoulders and say “ok” but then why even bother signing up for a social network if you are not social? This doesn’t make sense. People involved in their business or cause or whatever are usually talking about it a lot. They are looking for like-minded people or people that have opposite viewpoints to engage in debates or just out there being enlightened by new thought, new ideas, new things. I guess it’s the curious-minded people that are the most active (well, er, and the Affiliate Marketers with their pitches).

My advice? Take it slow and don’t expect too much in the beginning. I think this is where people fail with Twitter. They read the hype and hear how easy it is to gain followers, but they erroneously think that having followers means they will buy your ebook or goods. Not necessarily. Like anything else – it is a kind of numbers game. A certain amount of people will like you and not follow you. Then there are others that follow you and actually check out your website. Some of those followers actually sign up for your enewsletter. After a certain amount of time and connections and information, they may buy something from you. This is really no different than a person browsing your store in the Fall, coming back in the Spring maybe to check out sales and then deciding to make a purchase in June. Yeah, not so immediate huh? But, if you get enough of these types of people and they tell others and those other people like and follow then there is a good amount of people “in the funnel” of deciding whether to purchase and that’s what it is all about. Provide goods and services to people who want or need these items. Making a connection will seem easier and easier, yet you know how much time you put into your social media campaign.

So in the beginning, don’t lose hope. Keep it going. Read about Twitter. Add value to conversations, laugh at people’s jokes, and by all means – participate! I am a big fan of Twitter so I will be posting a lot of blogs on this great way to connect to future customers. If you have some insight into Twitter that has made a difference in your business, please add a comment. More Twitter fun to come soon. You can find me on Twitter as JanRossiCO. Let’s connect!