Marketing Ideas 2015

Get on board with Instagram from Get You Started eMarketingMarketing Ideas 2015 includes Instagram of course! If you are ignoring Instagram because you “just can’t get started with another social media channel” you are missing out on a powerful platform. Hashtags are key in Instagram and why are they so powerful? There is no filter. Facebook filters your results so much that you are only getting your friends and family items and that’s dullsville.

When I hashtag (#) something like #catsofinstagram I am rewarded with being able to see and interact with 9 million results. If I sell cat toys or cat accessories this is absolutely FANTASTIC. Drive traffic to your sales channels, build a brand in your community using your town name as hashtag and more. There are good guides on the subject too. Drop something boring like LinkedIn and move over to where you will generate sales – Instagram. Get the app on your phone. Use hashtags, search on areas where your custoers hang out – do video. I will do a real blog post on this soon. Have fun!

Facebook is a great tool because your customers are there conversing with friends and family. Sometimes that is not the case though….so don’t automatically think Facebook is for every industry. How you engage on Facebook reflects your customers feeling of your company. You want to come across as trustworthy, compassionate and caring, attentive to requests and queries and overall pleasant.

Watch out for sharing political statements and positions. You want to keep things very business-like and informative. Make sure if there are complaints that you respond very quickly. Even if you do not have all the information, tell them you are looking into the issuer and will gather all the details and help them. Make sure you are helpful.

Images are important as well. Posts with images get many more eyeballs – attention. Great images will be shared and commented on. Don’t try to force the comments. You can tell a newbie when they post things like…..“Today is Pink Ice Cream Day – What is your favorite? Comment Below!” . . . can you feel my eyes rolling?

Try to be yourself first and foremost. Be informative and talk about other things happening in your community – it’s not just all about your business! If you need assistance on Social Media, give me a call at 970-430-8108 and we can have a few training sessions that might get you on the right track. I am thinking about having a few “Social Media Refresher Classes” at the local library to help with some of these issues. Always check out to see if there is a similar type of training happening in your local community…..FREE is always good!  Happy chatting…

Twitter is Good for Business

Marketing Tips for 2015 by Jan RossiTwitter still has an image problem. People do not understand it and continue to wonder why or how it will help their business. Like any other social media platform it’s worth a look as it can increase sales for your business.

At a concise update character length of only 140 characters people have to edit themselves more often. It makes for short, witty posts.

You can search for people that are in your demographics too.


Bet you never thought of that – actually searching for someone who is posting a problem that your business or service can solve. It’s not difficult. You could search on “I hate my skin” if you are selling skincare products. You follow that person and simply tell them – perhaps your products could help (you cannot direct message someone until they follow you back so be cautious, not spammy.)

If you have quite a few Twitter Followers you might need to see if you are Following people that do not follow you back. Why is this important? You might be seeing posts in your feed from people that do not see your posts. That’s pretty rude. If I am reading and engaging with your information, you should be reading, tweeting, responding to mine. That’s how Twitter works. There are some people that will follow you and then unfollow later and you are reading their information and they don’t even see your posts. Not cool, dude.

What’s a Twitter person to do? Use and see who your non-followers are and unfollow them. Also, you can search and follow certain people that use the hashtag #iPad or #FortCollins for instance. This is a great way to gain new followers for a targeted audience you might want to connect with for your business.

Give Twitter a try and if you already have an account be sure to follow, retweet, engage, favorite and post on Twitter. It’s a growing community and can lead to sales for your business, service or online eCommerce store.

Who is your Customer?

Marketing Ideas 2015 - Be Where your customers are hanging outYou should be where your customer is hanging out.

If that means they are reading Mommy Blogs and Pinning furiously all the fashion tips and summer craft projects for their kids – your business should be there.

Have they abandoned Facebook due to limited newsfeed action? Do you really think they are seeing all those posts you are painstakingly agonizing over?

Are you paying attention?

Sit back analyze where your traffic is coming from and what source is leading the traffic flow. Have a strong presence in this arena and pull back on the other place
(I’m guessing it’s Facebook). Focus. Shift. Be where they are and don’t get stuck in the mud. Thank me now – you’ll be busy making too much money later.

WiFi – Make Them Remember Something

Wifi marketing ideas 2015Too often I see businesses making up lame wifi passwords. Dark_roast or cupcakesrock or lovemycoffee are just cute names but they do not teach your customers to remember something important to your business.

Are you a brand new business in a weird location?

Make the wifi password your exact address.

As you tell them the address they are burning it into their minds. Later on that day when someone asks them about that new business and wants to know where they are located guess who remembers the address? Yep. Nice job – remember – always be marketing.


What’s the Plan Stan?

If you are looking for Marketing ideas 2015 it would be a good idea to have a plan of action before you run around all distracted on the internet. It tends to suck you in – that silly internet. And then you are talking with friends and one tells you Instagram is the bomb while another tells you to just lower your prices and win on price all the time because people like “cheap stuff.” I’ve described a conversation you’ve had lately?

Well,then it’s clear you should take a quiet moment and write a clear Marketing plan for the coming year – at least the first two quarters. Without a plan you are lost. Lifeboat with no paddles, chicken with no road to cross, ice cream with no spoon – yeah I’m overloading you with clichés. Get to writing!

What did you do well last  year? What was a disaster? Start there and think about some new specials, announcements, newsletter informative posts, product focus offers and more. I bet you’ve got some great ideas. Write a plan and then implement it. Yes, get it going!

Marketing Ideas 2015. Bookmark and visit again. We might just inspire you…

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