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I made you a Mix Tape

I made you a Mix Tape

Mix up your online marketing tasks – it’s more fun and you’ll get good results. And isn’t it fun when a friend casually says, “oh, by the way, I made you a mix tape” 🙂 Variety is good. Different songs and artists all in one spot. Think of your internet marketing this way too. A little jazzy Facebook post on a new industry trend your company is promoting, setting up and sticking large QR codes to your pizza boxes so all your customers can order 16 pies for their next party, or even just commenting on other blogs – when was the last time you did that? Here are more great ideas in our online mix tape example:

I made you a mix tape - Get You Started eMarketing

  • Add your site to directories:  Suggestions,,
  • Make a new blog post and change it up. I tend to have wordy posts and this is my attempt to make a better “mix tape” of my posts!
  • Investigate new plug-ins….can anything make your site better? (Go to plug-ins, add, new)
  • Check existing plug-ins: Are they getting updated or not? (after two years wordpress demotes their rankings, and you might have conflict on your site with a bad plug-in)
  • Are you collecting emails? When was the last time you sent something out? oooo that long huh? Think those emails are still active?
  • Are you having fun with your blogsite? reaching out to customers? providing value? something of interest? Maybe it’s time for a video!

I made you a mix tape

  • How is your social media helping with traffic to your blog? ok? are you running contests or doing any give aways?
  • So what’s your competition up to? Are you living in a closed off room…anyone else innovating that you could learn from?
  • Do you have a special offer that goes to a specific landing page? or just your home page?
  • Have you learned something new that you should implement? Review your site – are the meta tags, keywords in place? Why not freshen up the home page a tad? Things change fast in the online world.

So this was just a reminder to do the little things – mix things up online and you’ll be surprised how your traffic increases. Good luck and happy blogging! Want to add something special to the list? Leave a comment!


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