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Ping Your Updates and New Posts

Ping Your Updates and New Posts

Ping your updates and New PostsDid you know that every time you update or save something here on WordPress your information gets “pinged” out to the masses? It is a good idea to send out notices to various directories and sources to ping your updates and new posts.

Under “Settings” in WordPress go to the area marked “Reading”. You can see where your information gets pinged to the regular pingomatic service. Did you know there is a whole other list of pinging services that could be notified when pinging your updates and new posts?

New List to Ping your Updates and New Posts

Here is a list of some of the ones I have added to my sites for my clients. i just updated it now on November 4, 2013. From time to time you need to update the lists and make sure to take off companies that are no longer in service or add new additions to the list. Here is the latest:


My list used to be longer, but some companies are no longer in business and things change. Do a Google search and see if you need to add or delete services from time to time and remember to ping your updates and new posts for indexing by the major search engines!

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