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Pinterest – The New Deal

Pinterest – The New Deal

Pinterest - The New Social Media Phenomenon | Get You Started eMarketing | Jan RossiSurfing online? Like something? Want to store it or keep it for later? Pin It! Just like your bulletin board at home full of recipes you might save for the summer, tips on making natural household cleaners, cool images of your favorite football star, pictures of stylish fashions, hair and room decor – Pinterest allows you to do this all online. You make different “boards” for each of the areas that are important to you. You then “pin” the images using extensions from your browser; your “pin it” button is always ready to pin!

Here are some Pinterest board ideas:

Pinterest for Backlinking and traffic | Get You Started eMarketingHealth and Fitness   |   Foodie Spot  |  Internet Marketing Thoughts  |
My Style  |  Yummy  |  To See the World   |   For the Kids   |   Bucket

Pinterest is a very creative space to keep the cool things you find on the internet all in one neat spot. Other people can like your pins, re-pin your pins and ultimately click through to websites and get the actual information about that topic. Pinning is actually grabbing the picture that is associated with that particular recipe or blog post or ad or whatever. So if you are such a minimalist that you say poo-poo to images – you will be missing out because the “Pin It” button is actively looking to pull an image from that particular page. No image. No pin. So sad, you will miss out on the new social media phenomena – Pinterest!

While the big brands are developing strategies to use Pinterest and analyzing whether to put more money into Google+ (really?) or into something else……(maybe a Pinterest Project?) you can capitalize on this new social media and start pinning away your favorite things.

Pinterest  6  |  Facebook  1  | Google+  0

Pinterest - The New Deal by Get You Started eMarketing Jan RossiI believe that Facebook has made things very intrusive lately. Mostly for my eyeballs. Yes, my eyes hurt looking at all the things they have going and no amount of design makes it better. There was a reason why I got rid of television in my home 3 years ago. Now I feel that Facebook is trying too hard to replace it.

Enter Pinterest. Cool images. Neat, short commentary. Like buttons if I don’t want to pin something (keep it) but I can say yeah! I Like that too! Social media sharing without being spammy – that’s the world we are in now in 2012. Pinterest does this with ease. As Google+ continues to confuse people and Facebook is forcing us into using a Timeline format, Pinterest is secretly gaining steam. Smart blogsites will be sporting the “pin it” button and gaining massive traffic to their sites.

Have you noticed the “Pin It” button on my website?  Do you have one? It’s easy to add the button to your blog. Add a plug-in called “Pinterest Pin It Button”  created by Phil Derksen and it is super easy. Just using a short code allows it to pop up on your site wherever you want it to – good for controlling where you want it. For now, I am just using it in general for posts and pages. Do you like something on my site? Go ahead and “Pin It!” and thanks for sharing the new social media way – Pinterest!

“Expressing passion for a hobby is just as easy as browsing for your next purchase. But what’s even more addictive about the site — a collection of collections — is that it’s just as much about the users as it is what they’ve posted.”  –  Mashable

Pinterest - The New Deal by Jan Rossi of Get You Started eMarketing
Don’t forget to put the “Pin It” button on your Facebook Fan Page Welcome tab! Don’t forget to keep looking at your Google Analytics to see where your traffic iscoming from and then working those areas. Won’t it be nice for people to start pinning your Facebook page information and your pithy website commentary and pics? Absolutely!  Join in and don’t hesitate. Be first in your group of friends to unearth the power of Pinterest!


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