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Plan Ahead with Google

Plan Ahead with Google

When you are considering a new website for your business or a new Internet marketing site for an affiliate campaign it is always a good idea to plan ahead with Google (in mind).

For instance, should you have a separate gmail account to handle emails from this new site? Should the emails forward to gmail for easier access? Sometimes you don’t want to log onto your WordPress backend at a coffee shop, but having those emails forward to gmail makes things a bit easier to handle (and safer too).

Are you going to have a Google Places account for this new site? Is it neccesary? Do customers need to find you and your business and your phone number? Then you should have a Google Places account. Remember – it is replacing the phone book for a quick source of information about businesses. You should have a presence there to make it easier for people to find your business.

What other types of things should you plan ahead with Google?

Planning your search engine activities is key to Google understanding the content on your site. Google wants to know if something should link to you or not. How does it know? Well, simply your keywords and meta descriptions and your alt tag descriptions for your images all add up to something that Google understands and can then send people your way from queries.

Plan Ahead with Google by Get You Started eMarketing

If you do not have any of this information mapped out – Google will be confused and send limited traffic to your site. It is up to you and your website designer to understand that this page is about “amazon birds” and this other page is about “chickadees” and this additional page is about “proper care and feeding for your Cockatiel”. By linking into these pages with these keywords over time Google understands that those pages are for those specific subjects. Proper keyword planning is key in your grand plan in mapping out your site with Google parameters in mind.

Who is the author of your website? Google wants to know.

As things get more complicated Google wants to know who is writing all the content of your site. Getting ranked higher on Google has a lot to do with TRUST. If you link to trusted authoritative sites that back up your writing, and you write fresh content, send links TO your site as well from other highly trusted sites – all this adds up to your site being authentic and providing relevant content, thus ranking higher. I am amazed at how many people don’t want their name on their business sites for various reasons. It will hurt your rankings to hide your name from your business site. Google often sends out bots to check the author page. If you have one and your competitor does not, you will show up above them in rankings – it’s that simple. Here’s a good blog post on claiming your authorship for your blog or website.

Is your site going to tap into Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a program that allows you to place ads on your site and if someone clicks through you will make a bit of money depending on the demand for that product or service. This site has a few adsense ads here and there. I do it to help with the costs of operating a website, but also it helps me understand how adsense works so I can aid my customers in their choices of ad placement, colors, sizes, etc. There are some WordPress templates that are already set up to hold the correct sizes for adsense ads. In other words, they are “adsense ready” right  out of the box. Consider the sizes of your sidebars and widget areas if you are going to use Google Adsense. When you plan ahead with Google, things just tend to fit a bit better.

There are quite a lot of Google Tools that you need to understand and use with your website and Internet marketing efforts. Take a look at the Google Keyword Tool Box and look closely at the Webmaster Tools and research relevant keywords to drive traffic to your site. I will make detailed posts about these areas in the future. but for now please take the time to plan ahead with Google!


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