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Have a Plan with a New Web Design

Have a Plan with a New Web Design
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Plan ahead….good advice for many situations.

I realize how many business owners are so unhappy with their old, outdated design. They are beyond frustrated and by the time they seek out a web designer, they want to start all over. Things had gone on too long with no updates to their site and it is now nothing more than an old billboard with the writing half gone on the side of the road. It’s time for a new web design.

If you are in this situation, take a bit of time and write down what are the key things that bother you about the present website. Here are a few things I have heard:

1) “I cannot update it. The pictures we put up just 2 months ago are already outdated. If I call the web person it takes them 4 days to get back to me and then we discuss for a week and then the time for the replacement pics to be up has already past! My website needs to be informative for my clients – more timely information is needed.”

2) “We no longer serve buffets (a restaurant). It lets us know we are getting looks on the website but then we realize we have false information up there….and answering the phone and telling them it’s wrong is very embarrassing!”

3) “The navigation is weird. I really don;t know why some of the navigation is on the left and only two selections are on the upper right. Who did it this way? No one sees our contact and directions information! ugh!”

4) “My site does not seem to be as graphic or have big impact like other sites. Can I have bigger images?”  (yes!)

5) “I am worried about being mobile. Having my site look good on my customers small smart phones and tablets. Right now there is a problem in that the drop down menus are not working on the smart phones. I am afraid if it is difficult for customers so they will just go to my competitions site!”

Think about these statements and come up with a few of your own. Make sure you write down what it is that you currently like about your site and dream about what you’d like the new site to do – see if it is possible! Take into account your customers and how they are finding you – especially pay attention to customers holding smart phones and seemingly accessing information from that source for movie tickets, facebook updates, etc. Make sure that your new web design has a great mobile look and navigation to accommodate this growing use of smart phones! Good luck and remember to have a plan with your new web design!




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