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Remove the Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda Small Biz Moments for Success

Remove the Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda Small Biz Moments for Success

If you could go back and tell yourself something what would it be?

For my small retail business I would tell myself:

Hire slow. Make sure you have at least two different interviews with people. See if they arrive on time. Test them on their knowledge. Make sure they dress properly. If they say they understand car stereo installations are you just taking them at their word? Come up with a test and make them take it on the spot.

Renegotiate everything all the time. Here’s my list:

  • Visa Card Rates – Low, Mid and High Rates – Renegotiate these once a year
  • Renegotiate your Lease with the Landlord.
  • Land Line Commercial phone rates.
Fire faster. If the employee is not the right fit, don’t try to train them – you can’t change someones lame attitude sometimes. Let them go work for your competitor.
Coulda Shoulda Woulda by Get You Started eMarketing

What’s happening in the next few months? Is your Advertising and Marketing ready to go?

More Planing. I had a retail business that celebrated certain holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. I was amazed at how fast time went by and when those holidays approached I really had not prepared as well as I should have. Coulda, shoulda woulda thoughts made me snap up and get out a calendar and plan 3 months ahead for those special times.

What was the result?

  • I made more money.
  • My staff understood what the promotions were very well and were able to explain them to customers.
  • I was able to spend time decorating and putting up signs around the business to support the promotions.
  • I was able to coordinate Google Pay-per-click ads and Facebook posts for promotion well in advance.
  • I was able to subtly put an idea into a customers mind 2 months before a holiday so that they would come back and buy a package.
Do important things first and busy work last. Do you need to place an order for something important so that your business does not stop due to no parts or products to use in services? That should be your priority for the next hour, not chatting up someone on Facebook.
Do what you like and farm out the rest. I really don’t like accounting, it does not end well. There I said it! If you are like me – hire someone who can do that portion of the business for you and do it correctly. It will save you headaches and lots of procrastination issues. Keep in mind though, that I suggest you use Accountants and Lawyers and other business types as advisers only. They don’t own the business. Don’t get into the habit of them telling you what to do. You are the risk taker and know your business goals. Most cost accountants are so excited to save you $20 a month when in actuality that $20 investment could grow your business 10 times. Make sure you personally are in charge of your business decisions.

What are some of your “coulda, shoulda, woulda” moments? Care to share? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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Jan Rossi is owner of Get You Started eMarketing, JanRossi.com and Big Kahuna Web Hosting and former owner of Colorado Website Redesign services. In January 2018 she has rebranded to market her small mini-courses for recent college graduates stressed out about how to manage their new position as a social media manager. Some things they don't teach you in college! No worries - Jan can help you out. Add her "Marketing Residency" Alexa Flash Briefings to your day. She can be reached at 970-310-0097.


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