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Solutions to New Year’s Resolutions – Part I

Solutions to New Year’s Resolutions – Part I
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It’s time to make your first quarter marketing decision. Traditional Marketing (Newspapers, Coupons, Sales, etc.), New Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Email Newsletter Delivery, eMarketing), Public Relations efforts (Donations, Sponsorships, etc.) – there is a vast amount of ways to get your customers attention and increase sales. But the age-old question – which marketing area is best for your business?

Low cost marketing is always a great idea. Yes, you have to spend some money to make money – but many small business people end up “buying” their customers – i.e., breaking even. If you don’t come out ahead, don’t do it. And watch out for the sales types that will tell you that if you lower your price now and get them in the door – then you will make money when they come back. Hmm, are they coming back? Or have you trained your customer to just sit back and wait to sniff out the next deal (lower price) offer. You see you are training them to respond to your marketing.

Why not make your marketing fun and different?

Customers respond to creative marketing ideas. They will respond with a “oh that was so fun” or ” what a great idea! I always wanted to try that new item” – either way if you make the shopping experience an actual experience – you will be rewarded through higher sales.

Margaret Drugovich, vice president for Strategic Communications and University Enrollment at Ohio Wesleyan University, says that experience “connotes understanding, familiarity, and the act of connecting. Our success will, at every turn, increasingly be the result of how well we build these relationships.” – from Brand as Experience by Robert Sevier

It takes a little creativity to do this so you have to engage your brain. Yeah, anyone can lower their price – but if you are offering something different – a fresh approach – it will be considered innovative and fresh and customers like to do business with business owners at the top of their game.

There are ways to influence your new and existing customers to buy goods from your business more often. It’s through targeted marketing focused on their personal New Year’s Resolutions. What? Now what does this have to do with anything? Most people make a list at the beginning of the year. We might not write it down, but secretly we all have our lists. I have one and I really like my list this year.

So how can you align your business to assist people in reaching their New Year’s Goals? If you place your business as a sort of “go to” place for solutions to New Year’s Resolutions you become a helpful business. Someone who cares about their customers and is willing to make changes to their business to meet the needs of customers will have measurable success.

Here’s a list I made up – just arbitrary. Let’s see how we can take this Resolution List and turn it into a Solution’s List for your business:

new years list of to dos, capture marketing ideas

As this post appears to be getting long, I will make a second post to cover some of the solutions. Questions to think about:

  • How does my business fit into Lisa’s goals?
  • How can I help her achieve these goals?
  • What sort of positioning should I do to be her solution-oriented-friendly-local-business?
  • If I can win over Lisa, perhaps I will influence her neighbors being as she is going to be interacting with them more often it appears.
  • How do I generate the buzz that makes her simply rave about my business to others?

Be thinking of these answers with your business in mind. Be creative. Think big. I also want you to think “simple”. Business solutions do not have to be on such grand scales – remember your are not (nor is your $ budget) Target or Sears-like.  Stay tuned for my next installment where I will take you through some cool ways to make Lisa (and others just like her) love, love, love your business!

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