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Getting Started with Emarketing and SEO

Getting Started with Emarketing and SEO

The key to successful search engine marketing is the promotion of your web site on the major search engines. Realistically it makes sense to focus on the main players, Google, Yahoo and MSN as these three are responsible for more than 90% of search engine generated web traffic. Search engine marketing is a term that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management. Most reputable SEO services providers will also be able to offer competent PPC campaign management and engaging such a company is a fundamental step to take to ensure optimal performance from your commercial website. A significant difference between the two approaches is the time required to get results. PPC can produce results very quickly. It is especially effective for a new website, and significant traffic may be generated within a few hours by making use of Google AdWords, or Yahoo Overture. There are other PPC options, but AdWords and Overture are particularly effective and are both user-friendly and spam free.

PPC – A Quick Traffic Boost, but SEO takes more time.

SEO Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is important and should be considered as you first develop your site.

As the name suggests, with PPC, every time the searcher clicks on the ad (and is directed to the target website) the advertiser makes a payment to the host. Content sites usually charge a fixed price per click, while search engines invariably use a bidding system. Through this form of advertising, you pay for each visitor to your site. This typically costs from a few cents to several dollars per visitor, depending on the level of the competition and the timing. The effectiveness of the campaign can be readily assessed by determining the value of the sales realized versus the cost of the advertising.

The bid-based model may become quite complex to manage, and here, especially, the experience of your service provider will be critical. In this situation, the advertisers inform the host of the maximum amount to be paid for a given ad spot, and an auction proceeds. Whenever there are multiple ad spots available,as with SERPs, there can be multiple winners whose positions on the page are influenced by the amount each has bid.

SEO takes much longer. If the website and domain is new, it may be three or four months before results appear on the search engine results pages (SERPS). A great deal of effort will be involved in achieving favorable positions for a website on the SERPS.

This blog post was written by Sarkis Wilson from AuroIN, an SEO Company with a worldwide customer base. Keeping themselves updated with all the SEO changes, is just one reason why many firms use their valuable SEO services. If you feel your business needs assistance in this area, click on their link above and have them complete an analysis and proposal for your site. Thank you Sarkis for this valuable information! – Jan


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