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Summertime Strategies

Summertime Strategies

My new friend and associate Gabby has suggested that I do a post on “how good I am”. 🙂 You know, sometimes we don’t promote ourselves enough and it takes a new friend to open your eyes and realize how important it is to self promote. I thought I’d mention a few things that need to be said about keeping up with your online marketing activities. It really is an ongoing practice!

Write your Password on a Napkin (and other things not to do)

I have noticed that quite a few of my customers are not keeping track of their passwords. When I say that they don’t keep track of them, it’s more like – “oh, I’ll remember it because I use the same one all the time – slightly different”. Yikes! Don’t do this folks. Keep track of your passwords in a notebook or on a piece of paper under your keyboard or in your favorite book in the study – just write it down! You will forget! My 7 year old friend Gabby even knows to write important things down. She sits in my office sometimes and writes down a “to-do” list for when she goes home and has to take care of the dog, feed the fish, etc. Writing down your password is a good thing. Please make sure you do this today. (There are some free programs out there that will help you with passwords, seek them out too).

Get in the Habit of Writing a Blog Post Now

Summertime Strategies for Online success | Get You Started eMarketing

Blog Post? Oh yeah, I’ll get right on that…..later, dude.

Something else that is very important to note is that people in general are not that happy about writing about their business. They are comfortable talking to customers in their store, talking on the phone, chit chatting on the sidewalk – but when it comes to putting something in print they freeze. They draw a blank!

One way to alleviate the “writer’s block” scenario is to think outside the box a bit. Think about what your customers might be thinking this time of year like getting away for a vacation perhaps, keeping all the kids busy in summertime activities and chores, etc.

Summertime Suggestions for Internet

Write to your customers particular needs or problems and provide a solution with your goods and services.


Now that’s good blog internet marketing. Be sure to make it keyword rich with the terms that are important to your business. Pepper the post with the keywords that will trigger your article to come up in a search. Also – by getting in the habit of writing, you will be all set during those busy fall months getting ready for the Holidays. So if any of my clients are ready this post – get going on your blog posts!

Summertime turns into ‘Back to School’ Fast – What is your Offer?

It’s only July but have you noticed all the stores pushing the envelope with their back to school specials? I’m starting to feel that the Christmas sales will start in August. This gets a little overwhelming, but in a way it is making your customers think of back to school supplies. It reminds them they have to buy notebooks, pencils, computer paper, etc. Do you sell goods and services that would qualify for a Back to School special? Yes you do. Just position your business in a way that makes it a super solution for your client. One of my clients sells take and bake dinners and boxed lunches. Promoting their dinner entrees with every boxed lunch is a good way for people to know about their unique service. As they are going home or on their way to pick up their children they can always stop on by and pick up a delicious dinner ready to heat up in the oven or grill at home! Are you a photographer? The fall is the time for Seniors to get their year book picture completed. Be sure to write a blog post or two and have a special offer to capture the thousands of high school seniors that need a great head shot for their yearbook.

Summertime gives you time to Design Great Fall Offers

Time to think about your online marketing for the fall. It’s better to have a plan and be proactive than to not do anything at all. Keep one step ahead of your customers and anticipate their needs and wants. That will mean more sales for your business for sure. The more thought you put into your Fall Promotions, the better they will turn out. Your summertime staff will be aware of your Fall strategies and you will have time to do promotion on your blog and design quality point of purchase signs near your cash register.

There are many things to do that can keep your business in front of customers. Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also important tools to use to communicate with customers, offer specials and in general just keep them “in-the-know” with what is happening in your business. Use these platforms at least twice a week and watch your interactions and followers grow. I like to mix things up with my clients and make sure they are doing a little bit of everything with their online presence.

I guess that’s why my friend Gabby says “I am good at what I do”. I try not to just harp on one thing like “just post on Facebook” or “just make new blog posts”. There is more to it than simply just creating content. You have to tell the world. I am here to help my customers “shout out their online presence” and be the authority in their area. I hope these little summertime suggestions for success have helped you a bit. Nothing fancy today – just solid advice. Thanks for listening! Be sure to give me your tips for online success by commenting below. And where are you keeping your passwords? (just a reminder to organize and write those down!) – Jan Rossi


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