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A Tale of Two WordPress Blogsites

A Tale of Two WordPress Blogsites

A Tale of Two WordPress Blogsites

.  .  .  there were two small business owners anxious  to have new information placed on their internet sites. Both sites were based in and could be changed easily. One of the business owners has a beautiful WordPress Blogsite with lovely graphics and lots of information, pricing, maps and directions, etc. but they decided not to have an actual blog on their site.

The other small business owner is just getting started and has heard how easy it is to have a WordPress blogsite, so they signed up for one and they are now looking at a screen that says, “Hello World” and they are unsure of where to go next but they are excited about the possibilities. They know they can add/change content.

Our fancy Wordpess Blog site is just that – fancy. There are only 4 plug-ins and one has to do with a store (e-commerce), another one is assisting with videos, another one helps with the cool looking flash banner header. And frankly I have forgotten what the last one does. I think the original designer just wanted it to look like a static website. Well, that was accomplished, but the content was rarely changed in over a year.

Let me be clear on what this WordPress Blogsite does NOT have:

No Search Engine Optimization or Plug-in
No Google Analytics Tracking (did I mention this business has been in business for 3 years?)
No Google XML Site index to help with indexing the site for Google searches.
.….practically nothing was being done to have this site show up anywhere……

This certainly explains why they have dumped hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars on pay-per-click ads. They were trying to help customers find their site through Google ads. Basically there is nothing on this site to assist in it being found on the internet. This is called optimizing your site or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Did I happen to mention that businesses that have been closed for over a year are ranking higher than this fancy site?

This is not as uncommon as you think.

So which WordPress Blogsite will rank faster with a little effort?

The existing blog that is just sitting there will rank faster. But that doesn’t mean that our other small business owner has to worry. With proper research on keywords to use and domain name ideas, great content, a super SEO plug-in and a little bit of outside help. Our newbie could rank very high in about 2 months.

Wordpress Blogsites - a tale of two blogsAfter just 3 days of tune-up work, the older site with “new life” is doing famously. It’s almost like it was in the dark and someone turned on the light. If you feel like your WordPress Blogsite is just sitting there in the dark – not being found in searches, no love from Google (rankings), etc. – maybe it’s time you called someone to help you out. It might not take as long as you think, and the results could mean instant business.

That’s exactly what happened for one small business owner who had their site practically on “pause” for a year.  I added new content (in the specials section – plus SEO and many plug-ins to optimize the site) and a customer found it through a Google search over the weekend and walked-in on Monday and completed that particular purchase. Amazingly powerful stuff!

Don’t hesitate to call me and let me help you on any level – beginner, not-so-beginner-but-lost, realize you have no time, or if you just think you need a tune-up. Call me at 970-672-7906 – Jan. I’ll help you fix your site in no time.

Let’s make sure your WordPress Blogsite story ends in sales for your business!

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